Secret Garden Soap Collection

RM 160.00

A limited edition of four Bar Soaps (4 x 28g) in four aromas: First Rose, Peony, Woody Eucalyptus, Neroli.

First Rose.
Woody Eucalyptus.


A modern collection of floral hand soaps celebrates the opulence of nature

A limited-edition collection of brand-new travel hand/body soaps in four floral scents curated by Laura Mercier, inspired by the landscape of Provence and Laura’s garden.
Each fragrance is blended with luxurious essential oils to elevate the olfactive experience of the customer.

This brand new, french milled bar soap is formulated with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients and imparts a creamy lather to skin, leaving it softly scented.
Shea Butter and Olive oil serve as beautiful emollients to the skin, they also help the fragrance transfer from foam to skin and last through the wash, maximizing the fragrance experience after the bath.
Olive Oil and Shea Butter, known to nourish and moisturize skin 
Glycerin, a humectant known to draw moisture to the skin for hydration 

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